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Another Binding for You: Orwell’s classic dystopian novel 1984

(Note – the middle lines of the eye appear misaligned due to the spine’s curvature and the angle at which the picture was taken. See side photo for reference)

Dimitri's Bookbinding Corner - Orwell 1984 dThe idea for this binding came from a leftover piece of marbled paper laying on the bindery shelves. It felt just right for 1984 due to its color palette and rippled pattern but there was only enough for the 2 endpapers and a bit to spare. The off-cut was arranged in such a way that I could only afford several thin strips beyond the endpapers and that’s when the design popped to mind: vertical lines (hinting at prison bars) along with the Big Brother’s eye. Forming it with their ends, prompting it but simultaneously emanating from it. A -rather simple- visual take on how control, power and oppression are intertwined.

  This was also an attempt at producing a design binding using a rather classic decorative element, such as marbled paper, in a way that is experimental. Although marbled paper is always appreciated within the bookbinding community we rarely get to see it beyond the traditional confines of endpapers and quarter covers. My use of it is not exactly “daring”, it stems however from a desire to explore new ways of incorporating it in my work and see others try such an approach as well.
  The marbled diamond pattern was another earlier attempt towards the same creative diretion.

Last but not least, I used my “round title” style for the second time after 5 years to form the iris. Been waiting a looong time for the right binding!

  I have a fondness for irregular titles, they can be an important part of any design and add so much character. However there’s also another reason I’m very keen on tooling them this way: I simply suck at tooling straight, orderly titles! It’s not that I can’t do it, hopefully many of my bindings provide proof to the contrary, it’s that I find it quite stressing and difficult.
  Of course irregular titles aren’t the perfect answer either: even careful measuring, placing the tracing paper as if handling Nasa equipment and tooling whilst holding my breath won’t stop a pesky letter or two coming off with a slight tilt. So vexing!

This binding is available for 250 euros.
You can acquire it by: sending me an email at koutsipetsidis@gmail.com, leaving a comment here or – if you prefer- through my Etsy shop.

You can browse other available bindings by visiting Bindings for You subpage!

I used my Bookbinding Stylus set and Versatile Typeholder to make this binding.

Wishing you all a great August!