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There are many times during finishing where a typeholder for single type pieces comes much handier than the standard sized ones used for whole words. For example when a single letter hasn’t been tooled as clearly as the rest and needs to be retooled, in certain decorations where the occasion calls for tooling letters individually and especially when the title is arranged vertically on the spine.

In such cases this kind of typeholder allows greater control -being lighter and smaller- and better visibility.
The typeholder offered here is made out of solid cast brass. The upper sides, the ones a binder sees while tooling, form a rounded corner which by the end of the tool declines as much as possible to further enhance line of sight.
The moving part incorporated in the design enables this typeholder to receive a wide range of type sizes from really small (f.e. 6) to big ones (f.e. 36) and holds the type down firmly with a twist of the screw.

The price of the typeholder is 130euro

How do I order?
a) Just sent me a mail in the address at the top of the right column of my blog or leave a comment here letting me know which tools you are interested in. Payment can be received through Paypal.
b) Or head over to my Etsy shop and see what tools are in stock. Buying the tools from etsy is just slightly more expensive than purchasing them from here but gives you minimum preparation time and thus much faster dispatchment.
Note – Etsy tool listings show tools that are “ready or almost ready” for dispachment, not availability. If the tool you’re interested in isn’t currently listed on Etsy you can still order it here!

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Typeholders with exotic hardwood handles - Dimitri's Bookbinding Corner
Typeholders made with exotic hardwood handles. Limited edition.