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There are many times during finishing where a typeholder for single type pieces comes much handier compared to those used for whole words: when tooling a title vertically on a spine, for design purposes which call for tooling letters individually and for corrections when tooling entire titles and a single letter didn’t leave as clear an impression.

In such cases this kind of typeholder allows, being lighter and smaller, better control and line of sight.

The typeholder can receive a wide range of type sizes from really small (f.e. 6) to big ones (f.e. 36) and holds the type down firmly with a twist of the screw.

The price for the typeholder is 160 euros

How do I order?
Just sent me a mail in the address at the top of the right column of my blog or leave a comment here.
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I just finally got a chance to test your tool a few minutes ago, and am so incredibly happy with it! Thank you very very much. I’ve been binding books well over two decades, and I know tools. Your tool is definitely must-have tool that I’d recommend to anyone who wants to get into this craft.

Elina Lundahl
I really like this tool and am glad I finally purchased it. It’s very well made and neat with a good handle shape. I like the way there’s enough mass in the holder to retain an even temperature but the design still allows for easy positioning. Exactly what I have needed for finishing. Thanks again!

Kenneth Timoner
Well-made, solid, beautiful, and obviously designed with care.

Mari Maripuu
I wish I had ordered it before! Beautiful, unique and practical item that can be passed forward for generations. A true treasure.

Peter Caine
I think it is beautifully designed and I love the handle. Looks very good, like a tool made to be used! I am very happy with it.