Tools for bookbinding- Εργαλεία βιβλιοδεσίας

Tools are the extension of the artisan’s hand, the means by which skill is transformed into something tangible.
A great deal of attention has been given to offer you high quality tools that are also elegant.

All tools are hand finished and come in quality hand-turned wooden handles that are color-treated (instead of varnished) to endure heat and extensive use.


Brass band nippers II
Used to adjust the leather around raised bands. They feature springback action and smoothly finished edges suitable for fine bookbinding work.

Discover more ->HERE<-

Brass stylus set
Suitable for free hand designs and other tasks. Their use is limitless.

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Versatile typeholder
Very useful when tooling single letters. Can take a wide range of type sizes thanks to its moving part. A must-have if you tool letters on a regular basis.

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Brass Band Sticks
Used to adjust the leather around raised bands. Ideal for binderies with big volume of work and people who have trouble using the band nippers because of muscle strain. Available in 4 different widths.

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Dot set – 5 tools
5, 4, 3, 2 and 1mm in diameter.
Available for 100 euros (+ shipping).

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Dot set – 10 tools
From 1 to 10mm in diameter.
Available for 170 euros (+shipping)

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Circles Set – 5 tools
Inner diameter (hole) of 1,2,3,4 and 5mm
Available for 125 euros (+shipping)

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Runic Set
Ideal for decorating your bindings and leather projects with Runes, like Futhark, Angerthas or your own runic alphabet.

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The Bookbinding Finishing Multitool
or simply BFM, is 35 tools in one! Portable, versatile and easy to use. (currently unavailable)

See BFM ->HERE<-

Polishing brass tool
Based on classic designs. Features a flat surface along with a curved end, while the curved shaft facilitates use. Also available in 45cm long handles.

See Polishing Tool ->HERE<-


Set of footprints
About 1.5cm in length or 0.6 inches.
Available for 60 euros (+shipping)

Egyptian Lotus tool
Approximately 1.9 cm in length (0.74 inches)
Available for 40 euros (+shipping)

Set of 5 brass handtools
Circle, Triangle, Square, Pentagon and Hexagon
Available for 100 euros (+ shipping).

1) How do I order?
Contact me directly at

(Support small businesses by shopping directly from them!)
b) Or head over to my ETSY SHOP.

2) How soon will my tool be ready?
The tools are made upon order in most cases. It can take from a few days to 2-3 weeks after payment is received, depending on the complexity of the ordered tools and current schedule.

3) I live in … Do you ship there? How long will it take for my order to arrive?

The tools are shipped worldwide. They are sent tracked in sturdy packaging and usually reach their destination within 2 weeks.

“Because they want the tools they make
to be beautiful besides useful.
They want them to say
who made them
and who used them.”

From a Tool Museum in Athens.

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