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Band nippers are used to adjust the leather tightly around the spine bands when covering the binding. An essential tool for every bookbinder.

Introducing Brass Band nippers II
The Brass Band Nippers offered by Dimitri’s Bookbinding corner have found home in binderies located in over a dozen different countries around the world and have received much praise for their design and functionality by professional binders and bookbinding enthusiasts alike.

Not stopping there and in my effort to provide the bookbinding community with useful and long lasting tools I have redesigned the brass band nippers and their manufacturing methods using feedback, personal experience and the aspects that made them popular to offer you an improved version.

Precision made

The tool remains entirely handmade. However, introducing precision machinery in various stages of the tool’s making has resulted in more even and smooth surfaces and  -most importantly- better function.

More robust
The tool now has an additional 20% of mass compared to its predecessor making it even more resistant to wear and continuous use. Made to last, it will accompany you for a life-time.

Bigger and wider jaws
The jaws have been enlarged and also feature a wider span to make sure that you can have good results with bands of various thicknesses.


Each Brass Band Nipper is made entirely by hand and finished to produce smooth jaw edges suitable for fine bookbinding work.

Solid Brass
As with the previous version the tool is made from solid brass, a timeless metal used in many bookbinding tools. Brass doesn’t rust and won’t stain your book spine.

Practical design
A simple and efficient spring at the top facilitates use by spring-back action.

PRICE – 120 euros

1) Sending me an email at koutsipetsidis@gmail.com
2) Or visit my -> Etsy shop. (note: etsy fee added to the cost)

NOTE – 50% discount for orders made by bookbinding guilds, academies or institutions. The discount applies for one tool ordered for use by the guild, academy (etc) itself. Please contact me directly if you are interested.