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The BFM, which is an innovation by Dimitri’s Bookbinding Corner, will be redesigned from scratch, always based however on the aspect that made it popular; the ability to have many decorative designs in one tool that is affordable and easy to use.

Introducing the Bookbinding Finishing Multitool or simply BFM.
BFM standard set 1The BFM is a new kind of bookbinding tool designed to provide a multitude of decorating options, 35 in 1 to be precise.
The base tool of the BFM is combined with interchangeable heads that fit in a socket. Once a tip is placed in the socket it is held firm by a twist of the wing-nut. The BFM is then heated like any brass hand-tool. When the binder is done using the specific tip he can switch to another one just as fast and easily.

The BFM is divided into sets which altogether comprise a full finishing kit. That way it greatly reduces the cost needed by a starting binder or binding enthusiast who would otherwise have to pay a lot more to acquire the designs as single tools.
Furthermore the BFM is easy to use and is highly portable due to its small size, which is ideal when traveling, attending seminars etc. It also comes in a luxurious handturned wooden handle that is a pleasure to work with.

How do I order a tool?
α) Just sent me a mail in the address at the top of the right column of my blog or leave a comment here letting me know which tools you are interested in. Payment can be received through Paypal.
b) Or head over to my Etsy shop and see what tools are in stock. Buying the tools from etsy is just slightly more expensive than purchasing them from here but gives you minimum preparation time and thus much faster dispatchment.
Note – Etsy tool listings show tools that are “ready or almost ready” for dispachment, not availability. If the tool you’re interested in isn’t currently listed on Etsy you can still order it here!

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BFM gouge set