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Presenting the new, improved and expanded, Stylus Set. Suitable for free hand tooling/designs and made by a bookbinder for bookbinders.

Scroll to the bottom to see the limited edition tools.

The previous stylus set in offer has been my most popular tool/s. Since it was made available in 2012 it has been used by professional and hobbyists around the world and received excellent reviews (read further down for reviews).

That said I’m always looking for ways to improve my tools so during the last 2-3 years I’ve been preparing the new stylus set. In order to take this one step further I tested and designed the set with the help of the bookbinding community.

A comprehensive survey was carried out to test various versions of the tool and its handle, with the valuable assistance of Karen Hanmer, whom I thank deeply for her active involvement in this project. More than 30 professional binders, conservators, artists, artisans and bookbinding enthusiasts from various backgrounds, from the US and Greece, took part in the survey.

The feedback provided, in combination with my own research and testing, has contributed in the creation of the new set: high quality, practical and comfortable to use bookbinding tools, with improved features.


Curved stylus
The “standard” choice, covering a wide range of free-hand tooling needs. The designs that can be achieved with this tool are simply endless.

The curved stylus is ideal for tooling lines (simple, blind or gold tooling). The leather friendly brass and smooth finish, along with the geometry of the blade, make this tool excellent at tracing prior to tooling and allow it to also double as a creaser. It is also good at shaping leather over relief and textured surfaces.

Below you can see a few examples of tooling using the curved stylus by TeoStudio, Robert Wu and myself.

Flat stylus
The latest addition to the set, the flat stylus is ideal for tooling fine details and sharp curves.

The flat stylus is hand-finished at 0.5 mm thickness and 1.5mm width. However it can easily be modified to be thinner or wider in either dimension by “filing” it against a fine grit sandpaper laid on a flat surface.

NOTE: The flat stylus does not substitute the curved stylus, i.e. using it both for fine details and sharp curves (its intended use) and also for long lines.
Its tip geometry requires an upright hold (as opposed to the curved stylus) of the tool when using it, and as such the gliding motion often needed for tooling long straight or slightly curved lines will change its shape and properties.

Below you can see a few examples of tooling using the flat stylus.

Point stylus
The point stylus is the utility tool of the set and can be used for tooling, marking, tracing, adjusting etc.
They are ideal for marking/tracing, used to handle and adjust fine decorative elements (f.e. onlays) and also piercing (if sharpened) since they offer better grip than an awl and won’t stain leather.

It is shipped with a fine but rounded tip, suitable for most uses and for tooling small dots, however you are encouraged to “sharpen” or “blunt” it according to preference.

Below you can see a few examples of tooling using the point stylus by Nate McCall and Macrina Walker.

You can acquire them as:
– Single stylus at the cost of 55 euros (plus shipping)
– Set of 2 at the cost of 100 euros (plus shipping)
– Set of 3 at the cost of 140 euros (plus shipping)

Contact me at koutsipetsidis@gmail.com (Support small businesses by shopping directly from them!) or visit my Etsy shop if you’re interested.

Why choose a stylus tool over a pyrography tool?

1) Temperature control.
The first and most important reason is that the stylus can be rapidly cooled or heated while a pyrography tool takes time to raise or lower temperature. Being able to adjust tool temperature fast makes a big difference for those who perform tooling on a regular basis and facilitates the whole task.

2) Decoration depth.
A pyrography tool usually “burns” the upper layer of a leather surface or -in the case of gold tooling- simply adheres the foil on the leather. The stylus however embosses it, leaving a mark that has depth and volume. This ensures that your decoration will be long-lasting since it can’t be easily abraded by the hardships of use such as scratches, friction and climate variations.

3) Overheating
While not always a case, many of the pyrography tools will overheat with use even if they are set at a specific temperature. This can be a nuisance since the tool has to be left to cool-down gradually and then heated again, which of course is not a problem with the stylus.


Nate McCall
Excellent and beautiful tools…I would highly recommend these to any bookbinder who wants to step up their work!

Ulrich Widmann
Τhey are magnificent. It (the edged one) slides very easy over the leather and leaves a good grove.

Joel Nilsson
Looks and feels great. Very happy with these.

Kae Sable
Beautifully made tools. Well balanced and solid.

Mervyn Leavesley
Very nice quality, good feel to work with.

Marilla Beecher
Fantastic tools! Love the detailed work I can achieve with them.

Elizabeth N.
These tools are as beautiful as they are useful! I bought them in preparation of an art show recently and I think everything turned out well. The tools left me a LOT of creative room, and is absolutely perfect for my kind of work. I’m so glad I made the purchase

Accompanying the presentation of the new stylus set are limited sets with beautiful handles from Olive, Padauk, Purpleheart, Zebrano and Bubinga wood – at no extra cost!– as well as two hand hammered brass band nippers and two typeholders with stunning Bocote handles.

Hammered Brass band Nippers

The Brass Band Nippers were the first of the their kind to be introduced back in 2012.
This unique version was created by hand hammering the tool and using blued steel rivets.
Only 2 available at 140 euros.

Versatile Typeholder with Bocote handle.

A typeholder for single type pieces comes much handier compared to those used for whole words in many cases, such as when tooling a title vertically on a spine, for design purposes which call for tooling letters individually and for corrections when tooling entire titles and a single letter didn’t leave as clear an impression.

The special edition features beautiful Bocote handles with striking dark stripes.
Only 2 available at 150 euros.

Contact me at koutsipetsidis@gmail.com (Support small businesses by shopping directly from them!) or visit my Etsy shop if you’re interested in the limited edition tools.

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