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NOTE – An improved and expanded version of the stylus set is now available.
Follow this link to view it.

Stylus tools are used to achieve freehand tooling.

Apart from that they can also be used for marking, tracing, allocating, making fine details and so much more. Their use is limitless.

The two stylus tools in offer, an edged and a pointy one, have been specifically designed for bookbinding. They are short enough to be used as easily as a pen yet long enough to allow heating in fire without harming the handle face. The tool ends have enough volume to allow modification according to each binder’s needs/desire as it is often the case with such tools.


Why choose a stylus tool over a pyrography tool?
1) Temperature control.

The first and most important reason is that the stylus can be rapidly cooled or heated while a pyrography tool takes time to raise or lower temperature. Being able to adjust tool temperature fast makes a big difference for those who perform tooling on a regular basis and facilitates the whole task.
2) Decoration depth.
A pyrography tool usually “burns” the upper layer of a leather surface or -in the case of gold tooling- simply adheres the foil on the leather. The stylus however embosses it, leaving a mark that has depth and volume. This ensures that your decoration will be long-lasting since it can’t be easily removed or altered by the hardships of use such as scratches, friction and climate variations.
3) Overheating
While not always a case, many of the pyrography tools will overheat with use even if they are set at a specific temperature. This can be a nuisance since the tool has to be left to cool-down gradually and then heated again, which of course is not a problem with the stylus.

If you wonder what results can be produced by using the styluses you can see my bindings of Wasteland and of Don Quixote in both of which 90% of the decoration was achieved with the specific tools. Other examples are Titus Andronicus and Lolth’s spellbook.

A great deal of thought has been given on the handle design which allows for a most comfortable “writing” grip when tooling. As you can see it is made from high quality turned wood finished with wax by an exceptional woodworker- Antonis. The coloring has been achieved with a special technique instead of using varnishes or color in order to be heat enduring.


Ulrich Widmann
Τhey are magnificent. It (the edged one) slides very easy over the leather and leaves a good grove.

Nate McCall
Excellent and beautiful tools…I would highly recommend these to any bookbinder who wants to step up their work!

Joel Nilsson
Looks and feels great. Very happy with these.

Kae Sable
Beautifully made tools. Well balanced and solid.

Mervyn Leavesley
Very nice quality, good feel to work with.

Marilla Beecher
Fantastic tools! Love the detailed work I can achieve with them.

Elizabeth N.
These tools are as beautiful as they are useful! I bought them in preparation of an art show recently and I think everything turned out well. The tools left me a LOT of creative room, and is absolutely perfect for my kind of work. I’m so glad I made the purchase

The set is also available in pen grip handles.


How do I order?
a) Just sent me a mail in the address at the top of the right column of my blog or leave a comment here.
b) Or head over to my Etsy shop.

Check out more tools at my page-> Tools for bookbinding

Padauk Stylus set - Dimitri's bookbinding corner Stylus set with Padauk hardwood handles, limited edition.