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Welcome to a series of posts devoted to bindings I consider inspiring, on the basis of technical excellence, originality of design and overall style.

Please keep in mind that the selection of binders represents only personal taste, it is in no way a criticism towards other bookbinders. Furthermore the order by which they are presented is random. Last but not least, the bindings included in the post aren’t necessarily my personal favorites from those binders but simply works I consider representative of their creators.

Hope that you’ll enjoy these wonderful bindings as much as I do and feel encouraged to learn more about the selected artisans.
Feel free to share your thoughts and favorites as well!

Mirbeau by Anne Giordan
Anne graduated from Ecole Superieure des Arts Decoratifs and is a member of APPAR (Association pour la promotion de l’Art de la Reliure) and ARA France.
  She has taken part in numerous exhibitions, both group and solo. Her bindery is located in Strasbourg.
  Her bindings are marvelous but -my, OH my- have you seen her atelier as well?

Paradise lost by Kate Holland
Kate is a multi-award winning bookbinder, specialising in contemporary fine bindings to commission or for exhibition.

La Creation by Luigi Castiglioni
A master binder with a very distinct personal style.

The Thread by Monique Lallier
Monique is an internationally recognised book binder and book artist. Her work can be found in many public and private collections.

The Silk Road by Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown has studied under Paul C Delrue and his work has been exhibited in various museums and other public venues. He has won many awards in the Annual National Bookbinding Competition (UK) and his work can be found in private collections in the UK and USA.

Alice in Wonderland by Michael Wilcox
Calling M. Wilcox a master binder would be an understatement.
Wilcox, however, does not regard himself as an artist but rather as a bookbinder and a craftsman” (found here)
  I couldn’t agree more – I always say that bookbinding is first and foremost a craft: a fine binding can be very simple and devoid of any decoration, yet its making may require exceptional skills.
  Our task is to preserve the context of the book. Making it pleasing to the eye and touch comes second, although Wilcox excels in both.

The Dreamtime by Jana Pullman
Jana Pullman is a renown binder who is also widely known as a bookbinding instructor. She teaches at the Minessota Center for Book Arts and at various other venues and often travels to give seminars.

La Mort De Venise by Paul Bonet
Little needs to be said about Paul Bonet, one of the most celebrated artisans this craft has ever known. Bonet’s designs defined bookbinding, mostly through the ingenious use of curves and lines to create optical illusions, the sense of a 3rd dimension on the cover.
The man was a wizard – seriously, look him up.

Omar Khayyam’s “Rubaiyat” by Sangorski and Sutcliffe
These two, founders of the famous Shepherds bindery, together created some of the most spectacular bindings ever made. Apart from extensive and immaculate gold tooling, many of their bindings featured a plethora of precious and semi-precious jewels.

Revenge by Midori Kuikata – Cockram
Midori opened Jade bookbinding studio in 1997. Her work is characterised by a distinct style centered around elegant designs.
  She has given workshops, lectures and exhibitions in the UK, USA, Europe and and Japan. She is a Fellow of Designers Bookbinders (UK), a member of the Society of Bookbindinders (UK) and Tokyo Bookbinding Club (Japan).

The Siege of Krishnapur by Derek Hood
Derek Hood has a reputation of as one of Britain’s leading design-based fine bookbinders. He has exhibited in numerous public venues and his books are held in public and private collections throughout the world.

The Revelation of John the divine by Samuel Feinstein
Samuel graduated from North Bennet Street School after a two year program and has been to date a member of the Guild of Bookworkers, the Society of Gilders and the Caxton Club.
  His work features traditional and modern bindings, both showcasing great skill and attention to detail. He often travels to give seminars.