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Some years ago I watched a documentary on the construction of the Florence Cathedral, highlighting of course its magnificent dome and the life of its maker, Fillipo Brunelleshi. I encourage anyone with an interest in history, architecture and engineering, or good documentaries in general, to watch it!

The story behind the massive dome and its brilliant maker were most interesting and stayed with me for years so it was not without some excitement when V.G. tasked me to make a binding for a book on the architecture and physics of the dome.

One of the notable features of the dome is its octagonal shape, upon which I based the decoration.

I wanted the design to hint at red chalk, which was often used historically to draw/plan all sorts of things. In order to achieve that I used ink tooling, a technique I came up with inspired by Hannah Brown’s carbon tooling. The resulting effect is quite interesting: a dual-color impression, randomly shifting from one color to another.

Last but not least I tried to match the leather with the color of the roof tiles.

The second binding is more straightforward with a mix of blind and foil tooling on a lovely teal leather.

Both bindings feature hand-sewn silk endbands.

I used my Brass Stylus set, Dot set, Versatile typeholder and tools from Bookbindesigns (Kevin Noakes) for the decoration of these bindings.

This is my last post for 2020, which has been a very strange and difficult year. May 2021 be kinder to us all!
Best wishes for the holiday season and see you folks next year!