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It’s been a little over a year since the bindery has moved to a new location. Many things have changed, but most of all the capability to invite more people to my working space. You see, for the past 9 years or so the bindery has been located within a ghetto, in possibly the most decayed urban area of Athens. I actually also grew up there, and I love that neighborhood, but it was quite difficult working in such a place. And bookbinding is already somewhat “hermetic” as a trade by nature…

The new space has enabled me to openly invite people and also give seminars to more than one person at a time. On the same note I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Katerina Momitsa and hold a seminar on Ebru-Marbling, which proved to be a great success!

Holding these seminars has also been quite challenging. As participants we usually just go to a place and have a good time but there is a lot of preparation and organizing to be done in advance, which can overall amount to many days and often weeks for the few hours the seminar lasts.
It is all worth it though when you see people smilling and being excited while learning something new and being creative!

As 2017 is nearing its end I would like to thank Katerina and all those who attended the seminars for the wonderful and creative evenings at my bindery. Hopefully the future will bring even more chances to share what I do and love and also more such collaborations!
Wishing everyone merry christmas and a happy new year!