When this blog began 6 years ago little did I know that it would become such a driving force and a foundation upon which much of my progress and future plans have been built. It has kept me focused, gave me the opportunity to learn a lot, encouraged me to work hard and, most of all, it inspired me…

kain-ergast2Dimitri’s Bookbinding Corner has evolved in many different ways but its purpose, the spark behind its creation and momentum, remains the same: storytelling.
I wanted to share the stories behind my bindings and my journey as a bookbinder. But I also wanted to bring people closer to the very world of bookbinding. To make its vastness, beauty and wonderful stories known.
And to serve such a purpose the blog had to be an inviting place where the binding enthusiast, the apprentice and the seasoned binder alike would converge and find diverse and interesting content.

I’m happy to say that as time goes by it feels more and more to be going in the right direction…!

It’s also a great coincidence that only a month before such an anniversary the blog’s FB page has reached 1000 likes.
The blog’s readers and followers, from all around the world, have shown amazing support – κeeping up a blog like this is hard work and your words have played a significant role in keeping it rolling.

So this is for all you people! – As promised a huge giveaway with 3(!) winners will take place 3 weeks from now.
1st prize – a full sized quarter leather journal with a lovely handmarbled paper.
2nd prize – a small full leather copticstitch journal
3rd prize – a 20% discount on anything bought from the blog’s Etsy shop, the Bookbinder’s Bench.
If you want to take part head over to Dimitri’s Bookbinding Corner on FB!

I’ll leave you with the picture of journal I made recently.
Here’s to another great 6 years! Lots of nice things in store, stay tuned!