Marbled Diamond pattern


2 thoughts on “Dimitri’s Bookbinding Corner – Marbled Diamond pattern”

  1. Susan Pogany said:

    Loved seeing your beautiful bindings on etsy, but wished your photos of the books didn’t have so much confusing background space. Maybe people could appreciate the book better if you came in closer to the book. I really love your work — just trying to help. Best wishes, Susan

    • Hello Susan,

      And thank you so much for your kind words. To be honest I admire your marbling so much that receiving a comment from you took me by surprise…

      Marketing and especially photography aren’t my strongest suits. My thought behind such a background is that it could give the viewer a sense of context and classic vibe – visually speaking, after all for most people marbled paper (which is what most of my journals have, whether handmade or not) is connected to old books, desks/libraries.
      Truth is I would like to go in closer but I’m afraid that my lack in photography skills will simply make it look kinda blunt and come off as “here is a book I made, buy it”! If you have an advice or two on the matter please do share.

      If you feel like it have a look at my design bindings (link through portfolio at the top or at the side column) as well, since the journals I have available at etsy are simper and less representative of my work. I would love to hear any comments/criticism you might have on them.

      Again, thank you for stopping by and commenting – deeply appreciate it.

      PS – Correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve read you’ve stopped making marbled paper. Is it true and if so may I ask why? Just curious and, if true, also dissapointed that I may never get to acquire one…!

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