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This has been a long and complicated project, mainly because it required the coordination of various things, but the 3rd and final binding marks its end.

A Matter of Laws, all 3 bindings - Dimitri's bookbinding cornerThe principle of Legality in European criminal law – which was shortened to “Legality”- is a recently published book by Christina P. We talked an extra lot with the client regarding the decorative approach; it should be something that would stand out on its own but at the same time fit in with the other two bindings.

Legality 1 - Dimitri's bookbinding corner
Legality 2 - Dimitri's bookbinding cornerAs I was given to understand the book tries to find the balancing point between the need for a sentence and human rights when a crime has been committed. Obviously a topic of great significance and dispute that is unlikely to be ever settled one way or another. How does one find the line where those antithetical factors meet?

If you recall the theme of the bindings intended to make a correlation between Mathematics and the law system. Well, this one screamed for “golden ratio”!
According to Wikipedia “In mathematics, two quantities are in the golden ratio if their ratio is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities”.
This ratio is represented by the Greek letter phi (φ) which equals 1.61803398875. Φ can be found in/on many patterns in nature, living creatures and man-made objects or structures and is supposed to be aesthetically pleasing. The golden ratio is graphed as a logarithmical spiral and an example of it in nature would be the Nautilus shell.

Legality 3 - Dimitri's bookbinding cornerI did a leather case binding with small colored onlays and blind tooling. I sewed triple colored french headbands and used one of my favorite (hear that C.P.?) handmade marbld papers for endpapers.

Here’s a picture of all three bindings snugly waiting in their travelling case which will be packed to withstand a fall from the Eiffel tower!

A Matter of Laws, travel case - Dimitri's bookbinding corner
You can revisit a Matter of Laws part I and part II to have a look at the other two bindings!

I used my Stylus set, BFM tool, Versatile typeholder and Line rollers for this binding.

Now, what was that thing that Cicero said…