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George SimenonA recent commission, “The man who watched trains go by” by Georges Simenon in Greek translation. Case binding with handmade leather endbands.

I had a somewhat restrictive timeframe for this binding which, along with some other reasons, led to this linear design with simple onlay work. To spice it up a bit I added a few details abstractly hinting at the story; the red onlays and the uneven rail lines are a loose metaphor on the main character’s alteration as the story progresses.

I’ve already written about my affiliation for quirky titles in previous posts. Since I was to tool a ridiculously long title on such a small sized book (hear that writers out there? Keep your titles short dammit!) I decided to incorporate it in the design. The leather was feeling a bit rebellious about that part but my typeholder had a different opinion. Well, guess who won…

The decoration of this binding was made using the Versatile typeholder, Bookbinding Finishing Multitool and line rollers.

Has anyone seen the film adaptation? Any good?