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Hi everyone and best wishes for 2013!
New year – new tool! I’d like to introduce you the Polishing brass tool.

Polishing brass 1

Polishing tools, either of this type or the cylindrical ones, have been of a long service in the binderies. They are used in crushing the grain of leather if a smooth surface is desired, polishing, surface gilding, creating patinas and more.

Polishing brass 2This tool has been traditionally made from cast iron for a number of reasons, a couple of which are easier manufacturing and lower cost. However iron/steel has been often noted to stain leather.
Creating a cast brass tool of this volume has been a huge undertaking as it requires the precision methods used in a small ring while it has the mass of a hundred.

The tool offered to you here draws its form from the elements found in various classic depictions. While many modern versions simply have a slightly curved surface this Polishing brass features both a flat surface and a curved end. Another special characteristic is the also curved shaft which greatly facilitates use.

Polishing brass - Long handleThe Polishing brass tool offers two options regarding its handle;
1)The standard long (45cm) handle and
2) the maker’s recommendation- the short handle, which I’ve found quite comfortable to work with.
Both handles are made from quality handturned wood that is treated and polished.

The price of the Polishing brass tool is 200euro.

How do I order?
a) Just sent me a mail in the address at the top of the right column of my blog or leave a comment here letting me know which tools you are interested in. Payment can be received through Paypal.
b) Or head over to my Etsy shop and see what tools are in stock. Buying the tools from etsy is just slightly more expensive than purchasing them from here but gives you minimum preparation time and thus much faster dispatchment.
Note – Etsy tool listings show tools that are “ready or almost ready” for dispachment, not availability. If the tool you’re interested in isn’t currently listed on Etsy you can still order it here!

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