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Almost everyone that has seen my work from time to time liked a particular binding I made a while ago. Although it was a rather simple design it looks nice even to people with completely different tastes, to the point I sometimes think it works like those “mesmerizing” whirls used in old shows or movies.Όδυσσεας Ελύτης, Ποίηση. Δερματόδετη βιβλιοδεσία με δέρμα βαμμένο στο χέρι και δερμάτινα κεφαλάρια.

I was recently contacted by someone who wanted to bind a book with poems from Odysseas Elytis, a Greek poet presented with the Nobel prize in 1979, as a gift for a retiring colleague. She asked for something more or less similar to the binding I did for Kavvadias.
In general I prefer to experiment with new designs but since it was the client’s request and I was under a lot of pressure regarding time I decided to go for a happy medium solution. I slightly changed the design by adding a few details thus keeping the desired similarity while avoiding the feeling I did the same binding twice. As is my habit I also indulged myself in tooling a quirky title.
The binding was completed the very day it would be presented as a gift to the receiver. Being in a hurry I forgot to take a picture of the interior which has vivid red endleaves and red leather endbands tooled with golden stripes.
Got to love some contrast!