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A new and improved version of the Brass Band Nippers is available here!

It’s my pleasure to present you a new tool, brass band nippers.

Band nippers are used to adjust the leather tightly around the spine bands when covering the binding in leather. An essential tool for every binder.

Every aspect of the nippers you see here has been carefully designed after research and consulting seasoned binders. Key features;

-Made from solid cast brass.
Steel nippers have been noted to often leave stain marks on leather, which happens due to a chemical reaction between the iron and the leather’s tannic acid. Having nippers made from brass solves that issue.

-Spring back action.
The specific spring, placed at the top of the tool, greatly facilitates its use.

-Smoothly finished by hand.
Many nippers have rough or sharp edges that may mark or tear leather when used. A great deal of attention is given during the making of the tool you see here to ensure you will have fine but not sharp edges, suitable for quality work.

Price is at 100 euro and payment can be received through Paypal.

How do I order?
α) Just sent me a mail in the address at the top of the right column of my blog or leave a comment here letting me know which tools you are interested in. Payment can be received through Paypal.
b) Or head over to my Etsy shop and see what tools are in stock. Buying the tools from etsy is just slightly more expensive than purchasing them from here but gives you minimum preparation time and thus much faster dispatchment.
Note – Etsy tool listings show tools that are “ready or almost ready” for dispachment, not availability. If the tool you’re interested in isn’t currently listed on Etsy you can still order it here!

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