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This is the first in a series of bindings that will be bound in a fine manner with emphasis on the design and will be available for you to acquire at the portfolio’s subpage “Bindings for you”. I chose to start with Mary Shelley’s celebrated novel, Frankenstein.

The edition is in english from Everyman’s library

As always, I wanted the binding to convey the essence of the story, that its mere view could tell you what’s inside, to be intrigued by it. And what would be more iconic for the specific book than to be bound from leather scraps stitched together? I searched at the drawer where I keep leftovers of the leathers I use and took up random pieces. I wasn’t picky,I even chose some with minor stains, and most of the pieces vary in their texture, from smooth to porous to buffed ones. I wanted something a bit “messy” and just a hint gross.

On the same spirit a neat title and author’s name aligned carefully on the spine wouldn’t cut it. The lettering had to be odd as well,thus it ended up transcending from one side to the other. I went with blind tooling for the same reasons to keep the ragged feeling. Strongly resisting my urge to make sewn headbands I made some leather ones to be in tune with the rest of the design. Last but not least I wanted something really special for the endpapers so I found some anatomy notes from 1830 and Voila! What more could you ask for?!

The outcome looks simple but making it was far from easy as the design posed a number of structural challenges throughout the entire process. The biggest being how to make a collage of scraps behave like a single large piece that can be worked as such.

The binding has been SOLD to whalechewinggum.tumblr.com