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The summer is nearly at its end and like all local bookbinders I have been taking an (excessively in my case) long break from work until september. Although I haven’t been doing anything new I didn’t like the idea of posting another article on bookbinding so I did a little digging in my files and found an old binding of mine.

Κλίμαξ. Απλή δερματόδετη βιβλιοδεσία από δέρμα βαμμένο στο χέρι και δερμάτινα κεφαλάρια. Ανάγλυφη διακόσμηση και αποτύπωση βυζαντινών χαρακτήρων στο χέρι.

Klimax in greek means ladder or scale. The book’s content is theological and it is a binding I did 2 years ago. The letters on the front and the spine derive from the distinct Byzantine decorative way of writing that was used in icons ,churches and manuscripts. I used a pyrographer and some white foil to create the letters. It was a plain case binding with handyed goatskin. The interesting aspect of the binding is the blind tooled decoration utilizing only one tool. The pattern was pretty to look at but it was holding the book that was special. The relieved motiv gave a strange and pleasant feeling that made you want to keep your hands on it! Have to make another one for me some time!

Here’s a similar example of Byzantine lettering from a church painting to see what I’m talking about.

That’s all for now,hope you all had a great summer!