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Summer is at our doorstep now and it was about time for a binding a had in mind for a while but couldn’t find an appropriate book to make it.Until now!

We by Yevgeny Zamyatin is a dystopian (as opposed to utopian) novel where in the future people all live together in a single state under the rule of the “Benefactor”.They don’t have names anymore,they are merely numbers.I won’t spoil you the rest,just read it!This incredible story inspired Orwell to write his famous 1984.So you see, my task at producing a binding that suits this book was a hard one!

And here it is!A french leather binding,hand dyed,with handsewn headbands and gilt upper edge.I wanted to depict the spirit of the book so it’s appearence alone would speak for the story.On the metal-like surface are tooled the suppositional “names” of the dystopian dwellers,with the main characters names in dark red.The binding has a small “secret” to it.If you look at it away from a light source the decoration is kinda blury and the letters are harder to make out.But if you turn it to face the light-voila!-it reflects it and it all becomes crystal clear and beautiful!It’s impressive,and a pity it is not possible to catch this aspect in a photo picture although I tried with many shots.Hope you like it!

“Εμείς” του Γεβγκένι Ζαμιάτιν. Δερματόδετη καλλιτεχνική βιβλιοδεσία τύπου περαστό βαμμένη και διακοσμημένη στο χέρι. Η κορυφή των σελίδων έχει περαστεί με ασημί φιλμ.Τα κεφαλάρια είναι ραμμένα στο χέρι με λινή κλωστή.