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So, I’m taking part in a group exhibition that will be on display at Chili art gallery (wish me luck!). The people participating will represent various arts, Jewelry, sculpture,photography etc, and my books will be among them! Along with other bindings of mine I have been preparing a collection of Poems from the Greek poet Kavafis and a copy of Hamlet.

Kavafis is one of the most important Poets of Greece. His poems are a pinacle of form in writing.Through his lines deep and intricate meanings emanate. His poems are frequently based on historical events or places of antiquity and are known for his discreet but elaborate irony.

The book has uncut edges since the signatures are yet undivided.I used goatskin which was introduced to wax in order to produce an antique look.The headbands are handsewn of a simple design with linen thread.

Kavafis - Καβάφης

Δερματόδετη βιβλιοδεσία με πατίνα. Κεφαλάρια ραμμένα στο χέρι με χρυσή και καφέ λινή κλωστή. Ποιήματα του Καβάφη σε μεγάλο σχήμα από τις (εξαιρετικές) εκδόσεις Ιδεόγραμμα.