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This was the christmas present for my sister (I’ll make a bookbinding expert out of you Marianna!) who is an insatiable bookworm. She was nagging continuously that I havent bound anything for her so after the enormous pressure I cracked and decided to end the murmur for good!I chose to bind this book for 3 reasons- 1)It was suitable for  a binding I wanted to reproduce 2)She likes the novels of that period and 3)I bought it cheap although it was a good edition (!)

Το Αββαείο του Νόρθανκγερ της Τζέην Ώστεν. Βιβλιοδεσία τύπου περαστό με δέρμα βαμμένο στο χέρι και χειροποίητες μαρμαρόκολλες. Κεφαλάρι ραμμένο στο χέρι με λινή κλωστή.

And here’s  the binding I used as reference. It’s one of my favorites because of it’s simplicity and elegance.